April 10, 2005

tolerant Britain

Another piece from the Sunday Times about the World Values Survey, but again the paper version so not link known. It appears that Great Britain is particularly tolerant, despite what the Conservatives would want you to think, with the report author Philip Pullman explaining this broad tolerance
"'The more religious you are the less tolerant you are' he said 'It sounds as if Britain is a healthy secular society.'"
Some numbers for you:
  • 91% are not concerned with having neighbors of a different race (eat that Howard).
  • 25% think homosexuality is never justified (too high, but much better than the world average of 56%).
  • 90% felt that divorce can be justified (74% world average).
  • the views on adultery where about average with 45% believing it could be justified.
  • Only 33% believe that the church has answers to moral problems (perhaps because Britian also has a high level of literacy and therefore people might have actually read the Bible) even though 72% believe in a God.
  • 52% of people believe smoking Marijuana is never justified (compared to the European average of 75%).
  • 74% of people think that abortion can be justified.


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